UNIDADE 304 | EMISSÃO 1178 | 23OUT2022

01. PAURA DIAMANTE (Alemanha)
Children Of Europe
LP – Tango
2022 Young And Cold Records

02. REGRESSIVE LEFT (Inglaterra)
No More Fun
12” – On The Wrong Side Of History
2022 Bad Vibrations Recording

03. HARSH SYMMETRY (Estados Unidos)
8xFile – Display Model
2022 Fabrika Records

04. NEUTRAL (Rússia)
Last Tale Of Love
LP – Last Tale Of Love
2022 – Infinite Fog Productions

05. MOMUS (Inglaterra)
His Majesty The Baby
CD – Ping Pong
1997 Bungalow

06. GIO ORLANDO (Estados Unidos)
5xFile – Atmosphere
2022 Self-Released

07. KIEV STINGL (Alemanha)
Mann Ist Mann
LP – Ich Wünsch den Deutschen Alles Gute
1981 – Ahorn

08. DIAF (Alemanha)
LP – Gloria
2022 Young And Cold Records

09. OBERST PANIZZA (Alemanha)
Im Kalte See
LP – Octobre Noir
2020 Young And Cold Records

10. SIEBEN (Inglaterra)
Harvest Festival Of Closed Borders
2xCD – Ten Hymns For Modern Times
2022 Redroom

Mói Aussie
LP – Brigitte Fontaine
1972 Saravah

12. WIRE (Inglaterra)
Over Theirs
LP – The Ideal Copy
1987 Mute

13. NURSE WITH WOUND (Inglaterra)
Two Shaves And A Shine (Bastard Disco Version)
2xCD – An Awkward Pause
2006 Joana Records

14. AROMA DI AMORE (Países Baixos)
Koning Der Belgen
LP – Koude Orloog
1984 Play It Again Sam

15. CIRCUIT DES YEUX (Estados Unidos)
Do The Dishes
LP – In Play Speech
2015 Thrill Jockey

16. THE ABDUKTED (Portugal)
The Law
4xFile – The Abdukted
2020 Self-Released

17. FLOATING ASHES (Portugal)
3xFile – Shadows On A Screen
2021 Self-Released

18. BLIND SEAGULL (rússia)
Nothing To Feel
LP – Personal Decay
2022 Avant!

19. TALK SHOW (Inglaterra)
Dirt In The Keyboard
EP – Touch The Ground
2022 Missing Peace Recordings

20. CUBE (Estados Unidos)
LP – Decoy Street
2019 W.25th

21. THE VACANT LOTS (Estados Unidos)
LP – Closure
2022 Fuzz Club Records




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