PLAYLIST 1071 | 08DEZ2019


01. ME AND MY TWO HORSES (alemanha)
LP – No Man’s Land
2019 Moment Of Collapse Records

02. WITH THE DEAD (inglaterra)
2xLP – Love From With The Dead
2017 Rise Above Records

03. BLACK SABBATH (inglaterra)
Children Of The Grave
LP – Master Of Reality
1971 Vertigo

04. ISOLATION BERLIN (alemanha)
LP – Berliner Schule Protopop
2016 Staaksakt

05. EYELESS IN GAZA (inglaterra)
LP – Drumming The Beating Heart
1982 Cherry Red

06. LUGGAGE (estados unidos)
8xFiles – Shift
2019 Corpse Flower Records

07. CRASS (inglaterra)
Where Next Columbus?
LP – Penis Envy
1981 Crass Records

08. SCOTT WALKER (estados unidos)
2xLP – Bish Bosch
2012 4AD

09. LEE HAZLEWOOD (estados unidos)
The Railroad
LP – Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
1963 Mercury

10. TOM DIABO (alemanha)
LP – Dark Star
1988 Pigture Disc

11. JOHNNY DOWD (estados unidos)
Rock Of Ages
LP – Twinkle Twinkle
2018 Mother Jinx Records

12. SIR VINCENT LONE (escócia)
Feels Like Rain But Isn’t
CD – When Bridegroom Come (Songs For Women)
2007 Cooking Vinyl

11. JACKIE LEVEN (escócia)
The Sexual Loneliness Of Jesus Christ
CD – Creatures Of Light And Darkness
2002 Cooking Vinyl

14. DRAHLA (inglaterra)
Serotonin Level
LP – Useless Coordinates
2019 Captured Tracks

15. NURSES (estados unidos)
10xFiles – Naughtland
2017 Toki’s Dream

16. SUBROSA (estados unidos)
2xLP – No Help For The Mighty Ones
2011 Profound Lore Records

17. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (austrália)
Waiting For You
2xLP – Ghosteen
2019 Ghosteen Ltd

18. NODDING GOD (inglaterra)
Nation Skipping Rope
LP – The Wooden Child
2019 House Of Mythology

19. DAN SARTAIN (estados unidos)
Do you Hear My Voice
LP – Century Plaza
2019 One Little Indian



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