PLAYLIST 1154 | 23JAN2022

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01. DESTROYER (canadá)
Tintoretto, It’s For You
1xFile – Tintoretto, It’s For You
2022 Bella Union

02. LOW (estados unidos)
White Horses
LP – Hey What
2021 Sub Pop

03. JOHN VANDERSLICE (estados unidos)
Forest Knolls
LP – Romanian Names
2009 Dead Oceans

04. THE SNOBS (frança)
Long Winter Evenings
CD – Blend The Horse!
2021 Bisou Records

05. JOHN GRANT (estados unidos)
Rhetorical Figure
2xLP – Boy From Michigan
2021 Bella Union

06. POSTDATA (canadá)
Twin Flames
LP – Twin Flames
2021 Paper Bag Records

07. OHTIS (estados unidos)
7” – Schatze / Failure
2021 Saddle Creek

08. FROG EYES (canadá)
Itch Of Summer Knees
LP – Violet Psalms
2018 Paper Bag Records

09. SOFT PLASTICS (canadá)
The Angels
LP – 5 Dreams
2020 Paper Bag Records

10. MOMUS (inglaterra)
My Moriarty
CD – Athenian
2021 Darla Records

11. PASCAL (suécia)
Fuck Like A Beast
LP – Fuck Like A Beast
2021 Novoton

12. GRANT HART (estados unidos)
I Am Death
2xLP – The Argument
2013 Domino

13. LUKE HAINES (inglaterra)
I Just Want Be Buried
LP – Setting The Dogs On The Post Punk Postman
2021 Cherry Red

14. DAN SARTAIN (estados unidos)
I Heard Laughing
LP – Arise, Dan Sartain, Arise!
2021 One Little Independent Records

The Eternal Black Darkness Of My Death
LP – The Fall And Rise Of Edgar Bourchier And The Horrors Of War
2018 Mute

16. BRIGHT EYES (estados unidos)
Persona Non Grata
2xLP – Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was
2020 Dead Oceans

17. DAVID J (inglaterra)
2xLP – Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure
2019 Glass Modern

18. JULIAN COPE (inglaterra)
Russian Revolution Blues
2xCD – Revolutionary Suicide
2013 Head Heritage

19. KEVIN COYNE, DAGMAR KRAUSE (inglaterra / alemanha)
LP – Babble
1979 Virgin

20. SHE/BEAST (suécia)
Oh Savior
LP – Violent Tendencies

21. SPENCER KRUG (canadá)
Serena’s Kills
LP – Fading Graffiti
2021 Pronounced Kroog

22. BLAK SAAGAN (itália)
Scuola Hyperion
2xLP – Ce Si Fosse La Luce Sarebbe Bellissimo
2021 Maple Death Records