UNIDADE 304 | EMISSÃO 1030 | 21OUT2018

2xFiles – Axes Of Faith / Infero
2018 Black Chrysalis Archieves

02. SUUNS (canadá)
LP – Hold/Still
2016 Secretly Canadian

03. SHE WANTS REVENGE (estados unidos)
Maybe She’s Right
CD – Valleyheart
2011 Five Seven Music

04. SELFISHADOWS (itália)
CD – Recalling
2017 Unknown Pleasures Records

05. VIVE LA VOID (estados unidos)
Death Money
LP – Vive La Void
2018 Sacred Bones Records

06. BLACK LIGHT ASCENSION (inglaterra)
All Of My Light
LP – The Austerity Exhibition
2017 Hau Ruck!

07. BRAVE YOUNG YEARS (alemanha)
Long Thoughts, Short Arms
LP – It’s My Party And I Die If I Want To
2018 Self-Released

08. BLOOD REVOLT (canadá)
Year Zero
LP – Indocrine
2014 Iron Bonehead Productions

09. MORTE PSÍQUICA (portugal)
Em Teu Sonho Acordado
CD – Misantropia – Tributo à Ode Filípica
2018 Anti-Demos-Cracia

10. THE LUCID DREAM (inglaterra)
Alone In Fear
LP – Actualisation
2018 Holy Are You Recordings

11. ACTORS (canadá)
LP – It Will Come To You
2018 Artoffact Records

12. TALK TO HER (itália)
CD – Home
2018 Shyrec

13. NAEVUS (inglaterra)
10xFiles – Water’s Work
2018 Wooden Lung

14. MEDICINE BOY (áfrica do sul)
One Hundred Bodies
LP – Lower
2018 Fuzz Club Records

15. MARCIANO (portugall)
Umedo (GULLEZ feat. BROTO VERBO remix)
17xFiles – m4RC14N0
2018 Self-Released




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