UNIDADE 304 | EMISSÃO 1028 | 29JUL2018

01. CURRENT 93 (inglaterra)
With The Dromedaries
2xLP – I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (A Channel)
2014 The Spheres Seven

02. FROG EYES (canadá)
Itch Of Summer Knees
LP – Violet Psalms
2018 Paper Bag Records

03. HOME AND GARDEN (estados unidos)
Marco Polo: The Voyage Home
LP – History And Geography
1984 After Hours Records

04. MAGMA (frança)
Mem Loïlë
LP – Rïah Sahïltaahk
2014 Jazz Village

05. THE BODY (estados unidos)
Blessed, Alone
2xLP – I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer
2018 Thrill Jockey

 06. SHANNAH EPPERSON (estados unidos)
20/20 (Amelia)
LP – Slowdown
2018 Listenrecords

07. IDIOT FLESH (estados unidos)
Not My Song
CD – The Nothing Show
1995 Rock Against Rock Records

08. CROM DUBH (inglaterra)
LP – Heimweh
2015 Ván

09. LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS (estados unidos)
The Awful Unpleasant Consequence
LP – Glistening Vivid Splash
2016 Skin Graft Records

10. SKELETON KEY (estados unidos)
The Mowing Devil
LP – Gravity Is The Enemy
2011 Arctic Rodeo Recordings

11. SOROR DOLOROSA (frança)
Another Life
2xLP – Apollo
2017 Prophecy Productions

12. PSYCLONES (estados unidos)
Gift Of Noise
LP – Psyclones
1985 Subterranean Records

13. OCHS (frança)
3xFiles – DM1
2018 Self-Released

14. SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM (estados unidos)
Angle Of Repose
CD – In Glorious Times
2007 The End Records
2017 Blood Music (reedição – duplo vinil)

15. NO MORE (alemanha)
Sunday Mitternacht
CD – Midnight People & Lo-Life Stars
2010 Rent A Dog

16. BOMIS PRENDIN (estados unidos)
The Doppler Shift
Flexi – Phantom Limb
1980 Artifacts Records

17. TIME OF ORCHIDS (estados unidos)
Locus Of Control
CD – In Due Time
2010 Self-Released

18. YEARS OF DENIAL (inglaterra)
We Operate On Each Other
12” – Split w/ Maenad Veyl
2018 Death & Leisure




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